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"John Morton's music is fresh, fearless and outrageously original. The thinking man's music box."

... Claudia Marshall, WFUV New York


"The resulting work is an interactive duet between the music box and the computer; surreal, sometimes unsettling music." 

... Brian Wise, New York Times


"As much an engineer as a composer, John Morton reconfigures old music boxes in the grand manner of Cage, Nancarrow and Partch, altering their mechanisms, redistributing their combs to create new clusters of melodies and rhythms. Their range and effect are then further extended by the skilful application of sound-processing software [...] There's a lot to be said for travelling light."

... Ken Hollings, The Wire



NY Times feature on Central Park Sound Tunnel                   link                                         link              New Music Box interview 2007



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John Morton interviewed on NPR                                             link



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